Jennifer Dunn

Jennifer Dunn

I’m Jennifer Dunn and I’ve been researching my family history since I was 14. As a child, I couldn’t get enough of my parents’ and grandparent’s stories about the past. I could only imagine picking cotton, visiting those strange places called “outhouses,” or a time when girls were barred from wearing blue jeans to school. As I grew older, my rapt attention to stories of the South’s past grew into a love for history, and I have formulated my own theory that history scholars are simply adults who never grew tired of bedtime stories.

I went on to earn a B.A. in American History (in pursuit of more stories) and now I work to tie my own family’s story to the American story. Nothing makes me happier than realizing my relatives would have traveled down the Old Federal Road in pursuit of land or finding a personal connection to a momentous event, like World War I or the Spanish Flu Epidemic. (As morbid as that may sound!)

When I’m not researching my family history, I’m a writer and own Social Street Media, a digital marketing agency.

If you’re a connection, or have questions or comments about my “Big Questions” then feel free to Contact Me.


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. John D. Tew said:

    Welcome to the genealogy blogosphere Jennifer! I like the playful title of your blog.

    I am also pretty new to blogging (since Dec. 31, 2012), but have a long interest/addiction to history and genealogy. One subject that has always fascinated me is the so-called “Spanish Flu” of 1918. See my January 20, 2013 post here http://filiopietismprism.blogspot.com/search/label/Influenza

    • Thanks for the warm welcome, John! And for the compliment. I know “Jennealogy” is a little silly, but then again I’m a little silly. 😉

      I’m checking out your Spanish Flu post right now. Have you checked out The Great Influenza by John M. Barry? It’s an excellent book. (I”m working my way through books about illnesses. Polio by David O. Shinsky is another favorite.)

      I hope we can follow one another on Twitter, too, if you’re over there. I’m @JennealogyStory. Nice to “Meet” you!

  2. Welcome to Geneabloggers! 😀

  3. ginisology said:

    Welcome to GeneaBloggers!

  4. I hope to see more of your offerings soon. You have a good way of telling your stories.

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