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I don’t even know if I should post this, but what the heck. Facts are facts…

Do you know when you get those little nagging feelings that you’re not done researching? That there’s something out there that you really want to see? Long story short, one of my great-grand-grandfathers married twice. Being a bit of a completist, I decided to try and discover the maiden name of his first wife. Well, I found her.

In the census with her mother, Susan Tyler, in 1860…

Who had an interesting occupation…

1860 United States Federal Census, Cherokee County Georgia, Wild Cat District, p. 21

1860 United States Federal Census, Cherokee County Georgia, Wild Cat District, p. 21

Yep, my great-great-grandpa married the daughter of a prostitue. Kudos to you GGGramps for being open-minded!

How did this happen? Perhaps the instructions to census takers in 1860 provides a clue:

10. Profession, Trade, and Occupation— Under head 7, entitled “Profession, occupation, or trade of each person over fifteen years of age,” insert the specific profession, occupation, or trade the individual being enumerated is reputed to follow. The proprietor of a farm for the time being, who pursues agriculture professionally or practically, is to be recorded as a farmer; the men who are employed for wages by him are to be termed farm laborers. The members, or inmates, of a family employed in domestic duties at wages you will record as “servants,” or “serving,” or “domestic,” according to the custom of the vicinage.

A mechanic who employs others under him is to be termed differently from the one employed. The first is a master mechanic, and should be termed “master mason,” “master carpenter,” etc., as the case may be, and you should be very particular in designating the employers or master mechanics from the workmen or employed. Where persons (over 15) are learning trades or serving apprenticeship, they should be recorded as “apprentices,” with the name of the trade whereunto they are apprenticed. The employment of every person over 15, having an occupation, should be asked and recorded. In every case insert the kind of labor and nature of apprenticeship.

When the individual is a clergyman, insert the initials of the denomination to which he belongs — as Meth. for Methodist; R.C. for Roman Catholic; O.S.P., Old School Presbyterian; P.E., Protestant Episcopal; or other appropriate designation, as the case may require. If a person follows several occupations, insert the name of the most prominent. If the person should be a teacher or professor, state the character of the occupation, as teacher of French, of common school; professor of mathematics, of languages, of philosophy, etc. In fine, record the occupation of every human being, male and female, (over 15,) who has an occupation or means of living, and let your record be so clear as to leave no doubt on the subject.

Another interesting fact: She’s not the only prostitute in that census.

And another interest fact: The Wild Cat District is now known as Holly Springs.

Oh, and one more. She was in good company. A few doors down there lived…

Cherokee County Georgia Vagabond

Thompson Honea, Vagabond.

Oh no, this is not the end of this for me.

Happy Detecting!